Virtual Gastric Band

The Virtual Gastric Band (VGB) was pioneered in the UK by Sheila Granger. It is remarkable weight management program, which has been trialled in the Yorkshire area. This program utilises clinical hypnotherapy with a virtual gastric band concept hence the name Virtual Gastric Band. This concept involves no surgery, plus it’s relaxing and enjoyable.

What is it?
It is a non-surgical technique that utilises the power of hypnosis to help you reprogram your eating habits. The hypnotherapy techniques used convince the brain that the stomach is full when it reaches a pre-defined level and no further intake is required. The outcome is a change in eating habits and the way you think about foods, which gives you safe, predictable results.

Is it a diet? “NO”, it is definitely not a diet
It is well known that diets are generally only short term fixes, which keep you coming back time after time because it is based on denying yourself the foods you love. With The Virtual Gastric Band you will be able to eat what you want, in smaller portions. This removes the need for you to feel deprived, miserable and hungry, which usually happens when you’re dieting.

With the Virtual Gastric Band there are no delays or long hospital waiting lists, which is not the case with the medical procedure. The VGB does not involve invasive surgery, there is no risk or ongoing medical treatment and there is no need to live on liquid or pureed food for 2 to 3 weeks as you would after surgery.


Look North News interviews Virtual Gastric Band pioneer, Sheila Granger


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