Healthy Weight Loss

Need to regain control of your weight?

My Virtual Gastric Band programme could be the ideal technique for you!

Weight Control – requires the management of what you put into your body.  If you or somebody you care about has reached the point where help is needed, the first thing I need to say is that you can relax – I have all the help you’ll need. The way to deal with such a situation is to eat 3 to 5 times a day, drink lots of water and put less food into your body than it needs so that it will have to use the excess body fat to maintain its energy level throughout the day.

The key to maintaining a healthy weight or to successfully tone up and shape up (attaining successful weight loss) is a healthy eating habit coupled with regular exercise. Saying that, sometimes people still find themselves in need of a little extra help and hypnotherapy is the ideal tool to support such a weight management regime. As well as hypnotherapy providing the psychological tools needed to help you identify and achieve your ideal weight, we will also monitor, support and work with you until you achieve your goal.

A New Perspective on Weight Loss and Dieting

Weight loss and dieting are two words used extensively when we look at adjusting our body image. In my experience, most people are more interested in what they look like when they look in the mirror, and how others see them, than losing weight. Therefore I believe when someone comes to see me for weight loss, they are there to tone up and shape up their body, so that when they look in the mirror they feel good about what they see, which increases their feel good factor and well-being.

That is why I focus their attention on weight management rather than weight loss. And the fundamental question I ask all clients who come to me for weight loss is;

“If you could look in the mirror and see the figure and shape that you that you desire right now – but still weighed the same – would your weight be a problem?”

Every time I ask this question, the resounding answer I get is “NO”

There are many reasons why a person can gain weight and then allow it to get out of control.  Some impacting factors are genetic, age- and genderrelated and psychological factors, as well as the aftermath of pregnancy, taking medication, illness, or even quitting smoking.  In many of these situations, there can be a degree of underlying emotional stress, which when recognised, can certainly be addressed as part of a holistic approach – there is help at hand!

The most important factor in weight control is: what we put in, we get out.

So, if we put more into our body than it requires, it will simply store the excess as fat.

If you starve yourself or have a very long period of time between meals, your system will go into survival mode, which means that any food you then eat will be stored to create a fat reserve for lean times.

But if you put into the body just what it needs, you will maintain the balance with in your body for stability and harmony.

The sooner you get in touch, the sooner we can get to work on shaping the you that you want to be!

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