Simple Steps for Overcoming Fear of Criticism

Fact:  Criticism can really hurt if we let it! Fact:  Learning to deal with constructive and destructive criticism can serve as a very effective catalyst to help us become more mature, centred and balanced individuals. All too often, we take criticism extremely personally, forgetting that it is usually a comment on our actions or behaviour, rather than an attack on the person we are.  It can be easy to put up defences, creating an impasse in communication and allowing a […]

Tackling Depression

When stress and anxiety have given rise to a depressed state?  This can manifest in a number of ways, from feeling generally low, out of sorts and lethargic, to a severe and life-threatening condition where the sufferer has suicidal feelings and loses interest in going on.  NB:  If your depression is the latter kind, professional help is needed and is available for you – please seek support from a qualified therapist as soon as possible to help you through your […]

Simple Steps for Overcoming Fear of Life Changes

Many people find tackling their fear of life changes harder than actually putting those changes in place. When it comes to initiating change, so often it can seem more attractive to put it off than take action – even if putting things off fixes us deeper into a rut.  Sometimes we even compound our emotional distress by beating ourselves up about staying in our comfort zone instead of taking that desired step forward, which can keep us from even wanting […]

Simple Steps for Dealing with Fear of Spiders

Fact: Fear of spiders, or arachnophobia, is extremely common and it is possible to overcome it completely with the right help. Let’s start with the basics and assess the level of the fear. The list of typical symptoms shown below should help you to decide where you’re at. Fear/Phobia Scale and Typical Symptoms Mild (1 to 4) I can look at pictures of spiders but I am uncomfortable being in a room with one. I can cope with small spiders […]

Simple Steps for Conquering Fear of Public Speaking

Fact: The Wall Street Journal has listed public speaking as the number one fear in America – fear of death came in at number two! It seems that we feel so vulnerable in front of an audience that we generally expect only two possible outcomes: perfection or rejection. The former instantly creates high pressure, the latter intense dread. No wonder public speaking is perceived as so difficult, if we only expect one or the other! But it doesn’t have to […]

Simple Steps for Dealing with Fear of Flying

Fact: Fear of flying (aviophobia) affects 1 in 10 of the general population. Fact: Aviophobia CAN be minimised by accessing the right help. If yourself or someone you know is one of the 1 in 10 people mentioned – please read on and be assured that you do not need to put up with these fears for life. Whether you choose a self-help programme or an intensive therapy programme with a professional, there is help at hand to put these […]