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From an early age Vernon displayed intuitive concern and empathy towards those with problems. He is a qualified teacher and lecturer, with over eighteen years experience in higher education. His own life took a dramatic turn in 1975 when he personally experienced the power of hypnosis. This proved to be a turning point and a trigger that set him on a path of exploration. Vernon recalls that discovering the breadth and value of complementary therapies was like opening a door into a bright new world of possibilities.

Portrait photo of Vernon A. HarrisVernon Harris is a qualified hypnotherapist whose able to give you back the control

Since then Vernon has qualified as a Professional Hypnotherapist, a Psychotherapist, a Person Centered Counsellor, a Numerologist and a Reiki Healer. Keen not to overlook any skill that might benefit his clients he also qualified in Neuro Linguistic Programming and even Tarot Card reading.

Vernon’s broad skills base has enabled him to write and deliver lectures and courses on topics such as Hypnotherapy, Meditation, Spiritual Development, Assertiveness, Anger Management and more.

Importantly, Vernon believes that a full understanding of a potential client, along with their problems and concerns, is vital before taking any action to effect change. Accurate assessment before specific treatments are recommended is certainly something that sets Vernon apart from lesser practitioners.

Vernon's Therapy Room in SounthendWelcome to my therapy room at Queens Road Clinic in Southend

At this present time Vernon receives clients at his Essex consulting rooms at Wickford and in Southend. If preferred, visits to your home or to other mutually convenient locations are possible by prior arrangement. Some treatments do not require personal consultation and can be conducted at arms length. Please contact Vernon for up to date details.

Vernon Harris is an Independent Registered NHS Provider. This means that some treatments can be funded through your local Primary Care Trusts. Please ask for further details.

It costs nothing to enquire but the potential gain might seriously change your life forever.

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