Simple Steps for Overcoming Fear of Criticism

Fact:  Criticism can really hurt if we let it! Fact:  Learning to deal with constructive and destructive criticism can serve as a very effective catalyst to help us become more mature, centred and balanced individuals. All too often, we take criticism extremely personally, forgetting that it is usually a comment on our actions or behaviour, rather than an attack on the person we are.  It can be easy to put up defences, creating an impasse in communication and allowing a […]

Tackling Depression

When stress and anxiety have given rise to a depressed state?  This can manifest in a number of ways, from feeling generally low, out of sorts and lethargic, to a severe and life-threatening condition where the sufferer has suicidal feelings and loses interest in going on.  NB:  If your depression is the latter kind, professional help is needed and is available for you – please seek support from a qualified therapist as soon as possible to help you through your […]